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Big Commerce + Emarsys Plug In

If you’re a BigCommerce customer, now you can get the benefit of the market leading digital engagement platform, Emarsys, instantly! Powered by Dunn Solutions.

Big Commerce + Emarsys Plug In

About BigCommerce + Emarsys Plug-In

Dunn Solutions’ BigCommerce + Emarsys Plug-In unites the two platforms and gives you the power to link the essential data needed to execute truly personalized cross-channel communications that delivers meaningful one-to-one experiences to your potential, loyal and at-risk customers. Identify and target customers most likely to buy and convert, remain active and at risk of leaving your brand.


Data Enrichment, Ecommerce, Order Tracking, Payments, Cloud/Data Integration

Big Commerce and Emarsys, Powered by Dunn Solutions

Big Commerce and Emarsys, Powered by Dunn Solutions
The BigCommerce + Emarsys Plug-In, built by our trusted partner, Dunn Solutions, creates the perfect connector to join BigCommerce and Emarsys. This plug-in connects the customer engagement platform trusted by leading brands and innovative marketers across the globe and the most trusted commerce solution, BigCommerce.
Get the essential data from the BigCommerce and Emarsys plug-in for essential integration points. Fuel Emarsys marketing automation for:

  1. Web Page Views at Product and Category Level

  2. Product Catalog

  3. Inventory

  4. Shopping Cart

  5. Orders

  6. Customer behavior
  7. Big Commerce and Emarsys, Powered by Dunn Solutions

    Key Integration Capabilities

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