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Mention Me

Turn brand fans into sustainable growth. Identify, acquire and nurture your best customers with the world’s first Customer Advocacy Intelligence Platform

Mention Me

About Mention Me

Improve customer retention, revenue and loyalty to build an unbeatable growth engine for your business. Nurture and activate the hidden VIPs within your customer base using the world’s first Customer Advocacy Intelligence Platform.

For the first time, Mention Me empowers businesses to understand their customer base through the lens of advocacy actions such as referral or reviews. Using unique advocacy data and insights the Mention Me platform enables brands to drive more incremental revenue and increased profitability. By identifying, nurturing and activating fans to advocate for more than 500 brands globally Menton Me has generated over $2bn in revenue.

Leading global brands such as ASOS, PUMA, Charlotte Tilbury and ManyPets are using the Mention Me Customer Advocacy Intelligence Platform to build a competitive advantage.


Ecommerce, Personalisation/Optimisation/Testing, Promotion/Offers/Vouchers/Coupons


Business VG01 Vox Studios
1-45 Durham Street,, London, London SE11 5JH, GB

Mention Me and Emarsys

Together, Mention Me and Emarsys enable you to quickly build, launch and scale highly personalized omnichannel experiences to engage your best customers and grow lifetime value.

With an out of the box integration you get Mention Me advocacy data and insights alongside pre-built campaign tactics in Emarsys so you can identify, nurture and activate your valuable (but often overlooked) brand advocates and their referral networks, giving you an unbeatable, sustainable engine for growth.

Mention Me and Emarsys

Key Integration Capabilities

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