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VTEX Connector by Driven

Vtex Connector by Driven, provides you not only with an integration solution, but also access to the Driven Connector, which covers consumer behaviour, integrates orders, customer information and product catalogues directly into the Emarsys platform.

VTEX Connector by Driven

About Vtex Connector by Driven

We automate and simplify the exchange of information between these two powerful solutions through our Pixel application and specialised middleware that ensures a continuous and automated transfer of essential data, such as orders, customer information, product catalogue and browsing history, directly from ecommerce to the Emarsys platform.




Rua Estados Unidos, 242
Jardim Paulista – São Paulo – Brasil, SP 01427-000 and Emarsys

The main objective of this connector is to significantly reduce the time to market for Emarsys customers who use the Vtex IO platform for their e-commerce operations. Based on our previous experiences with similar Emarsys <> Vtex projects, the typical integration duration ranges from 3 to 5 months. However, with this integration solution, this timeframe is drastically reduced to just 10 days in cases where no customizations are required. and Emarsys

Key Integration Capabilities

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