As Christmas draws nearer it is essential as marketers that we begin to put our marketing strategy into place for the festive season. With this is mind, we will be providing you with some tips on Christmas email marketing over the next few weeks to help you engage your customers and increase conversions.

Marketing of Christmas past 

When planning your Christmas or seasonal marketing programme, start by taking a look at the same time period in previous years. We’re all only human after all, so learn from your previous mistakes, build upon previous successes and make this year’s seasonal period the best one yet for your organisation.

Some questions to ask yourself when looking at all aspects of your online and email strategy….

  • Can I make previous negatives into this year’s successes? Incorporate learning’s into this year’s strategy and tactics.
  • How were customers behaving on your website this time last year? And how were they interacting with your email programmes?
  • Which promotional offers worked the best on the website and through email programmes?
  • Which product lines performed better/worse than others? What were your top sellers? Across which channels?
  • Has the competitive landscape for your business changed in the last 12 months? Are you aware of what online strategies/programmes your competitors are implementing?
  • Has the market or the way people communicate online changed in any way and how will this affect you?

Tried & tested tactics

Looking back at the nitty gritty and onto your specific seasonal tactics – which marketing tactics have you tried & tested in previous years? Which worked and which didn’t? Which are you going to make a key part of your 2012 and future campaign?

Have a think about some of these tactics, could they work for your organisation?

  • Campaigns with gift suggestions
  • Communicate urgency and catered to last-minute shoppers
  • Send a Christmas e-card to customers
  • Promote online or in-store gift-card redemption
  • Offer more payment options
  • ‘12 deals of Christmas’ messaging
  • ‘Advent calendar’ countdown messaging
  • Exclusive January sales preview alerts
  • Being clear about last order/delivery dates
  • Offer a value-add gift wrapping service

Look out for the next Christmas tips post…