It’s no longer enough to provide the best services at the best prices – you now have to provide the best experience as well. We live in a consumer-driven world where customer expectations keep rising and satisfaction seems like it keeps dropping. So, what do we do to remedy this disparity?

Ohad Hecht, Emarsys’ CEO shares his thoughts on the subject at Emarsys Revolution 2018 for his opening keynote. Ohad details the two main challenges we face in the marketing space today and the ways in which he hopes the marketing revolution will help us meet and surpass customer expectations.

Watch Ohad’s full-length 27-minute presentation:

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As Ohad explains, we are consumers first, and marketers second. If you’re a marketer, you know, first hand, how the amount of technology and tools can easily become overwhelming.

If you’re like him, you didn’t get into marketing to buy technology and work on integrations or spreadsheets. You got into marketing to be creative, work on game-changing strategies, and create meaningful customer relationships that drive revenue. Ohad leaves us with three challenges: get better at personalization, connect high-level objectives all the way down to execution, and have fun with the marketing revolution unfolding before our very eyes! ◾

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