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Wednesday 20th April

9am CT | 10am ET | 3pm BST | 4pm CEST

9:00am CT | 10:00am ET | 3:00pm BST | 4:00pm CEST

Power to the Marketer: How Data Fuels Omnichannel Engagement at Scale

Marketers have taken on expanded responsibilities with 63% now spending significant time on measurement and reporting. In this session, we’ll help you maximize your data and easily build, launch, and scale personalized, cross-channel campaigns that drive business outcomes.

9:20am CT | 10:20am ET | 3:20pm BST | 4:20pm CEST

3 Major Flaws in Your Email Personalization Strategy and How To Fix Them

Everyone wants to create relevant, customer-centric emails that are synchronized across channels, but in reality, it’s a standard most companies fail to achieve. There are 3 common challenges that hold brands back from maximizing the efficacy of their email programs. Learn how to combat them by leveraging machine learning to create a unified data strategy that’s consolidated across platforms to build higher-performing email campaigns.

9:40am CT | 10:40am ET | 3:40pm BST | 4:40pm CEST

Deliver Better Experiences To Acquire More Qualified, Enriched Leads

Apple’s iOS Privacy Changes and Google’s Cookie deprecation have turned our industry upside down. Learn how brands have more control than ever and why the brands that build their own sets of proprietary Zero-Party Data will be poised to WIN!

10:00am CT | 11:00am ET | 4:00pm BST | 5:00pm CEST

Community-Driven Marketing: How Brands Are Scaling Personalization With UGC and Influencers

With the demand for personalized content at an all-time high, brands have had to find a way to scalably source creative to match their increasingly diverse audiences. Many have turned to their communities – customers and influencers alike – to fill this gap. Learn how the world’s top community-driven brands are creating agile, inclusive content pipelines to drive better brand engagement and conversion.

10:20am CT / 11:20am ET / 4:20pm BST / 5:20pm CEST

Scale Email Into a Top Revenue Channel With the Power of Identity

Every brand wants to utilize email to turn prospects into customers, but they’re held back by cookie-reliant technology. Learn how leading eCommerce brands leverage triggered email as a new customer acquisition channel, thanks to the power of Wunderkind’s Identity Network.

10:40am CT / 11:40am ET / 4:40pm BST / 5:40pm CEST

How Conversational Messaging Helps Connect With Audiences on Their Own Terms

Real-time conversations are the way forward for brands looking to future-proof customer engagement strategies. Learn how to increase engagement (and do it right) by personalizing communications across messaging channels and delivering exceptional customer service, to increase conversion, loyalty, and revenue.

11:00am CT | 12:00pm ET | 5:00pm BST | 6:00pm CEST

Taking a Customer-Centric Approach to Your Marketing Campaigns

With the constant emergence of new marketing channels (push, in-app, SMS, etc.), it is now more important than ever to create consistent experiences wherever your customers interact with your brand – in email, on mobile devices, and beyond. In this session, learn the importance of taking a customer-centric approach to your campaigns with Emarsys and Movable Ink, and how to leverage data to generate personalized content at scale across every customer touchpoint

11:20am CT | 12:20pm ET | 5:20pm BST | 6:20pm CEST

Top 5 Post-Purchase Metrics To Transform Your Retention

In this session you will learn the key metrics to track during the post-purchase stage of the customer journey. By implementing the tips we provide, you will be able to improve customer retention and increase long-term revenue.

11:40am CT | 12:40pm ET | 5:40pm BST | 6:40pm CEST

Engineer Customer Engagement To Drive Powerful Advocacy

As more brands diversify their acquisition spend beyond Meta, referral marketing is fast becoming a key channel for driving sustainable growth. Learn how to turn your customers (and their friends and family) into your biggest growth driver – while using rich first-party referral data to amplify your wider marketing activity.

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