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Elevating the Art & Science of Marketing

During the 2023 Power to the Marketer Festival, we’ll be showcasing the work of marketers who have successfully maneuvered the intersection of art and science to deliver omnichannel campaigns their customers love and drive the outcomes their businesses need.​ 

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The ART of

Be inspired by how fellow marketers creatively leverage content and channels to deliver differentiated experiences their customers love​.  

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The SCIENCE of Marketing

Dig into the data strategy and technology stacks that serve as the backbone of successful marketing programs that drive business results. 

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TRUE Customer Loyalty

See how brands that master both the art and science of marketing achieve true customer loyalty that results in long-lasting relationships and better business outcomes. 

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Omnichannel Masterclass

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Day 1 – June 7
The ART of Marketing

Channels & Content

DAY 1 | June 7 | 09:00 – 10:00 AM (ET)
SAP Emarsys: Product Strategy, Roadmap and Innovations
Omnichannel means “being there” on the channels your customers want, reacting to their behavior in the moment and creating loyalty through personalization.

In this session, SAP Emarsys’ Global Head of Product Marketing, Kelsey Jones will be joined by Anthony Sciortino, VP Engineering North America / Platform Cloud to discuss how the SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform:
  • Unlocks time to value by onboarding your data easily and executing campaigns fast
  • Uses AI to power personalization
  • Demonstrates the revenue impact of marketing efforts
  • Is undergoing continuous improvement to meet the demanding needs of marketers in 2023 and beyond
Kelsey Jones Sap Emarsys
Kelsey Jones
Global Head of Product Marketing
Anthony Sciortino Sap Emarsys
Anthony Sciortino
VP, Engineering North America – Platform Cloud
DAY 1 | June 7 | 10:00 – 10:30 AM (ET)
Fireside Chat: Perfecting the Art of Loyalty to Drive Retention and Revenue
Despite the current global economic downturn, consumer research reveals that brand loyalty has increased, but the question is–why?
In this session, we’ll discuss the latest trends when it comes to loyalty and reveal the best omnichannel marketing use cases that deepen customer relationships, improve retention, and drive business growth faster than ever before.

Several top brands will share how they perfected the art of customer loyalty by:
  • Personalizing with data-driven content
  • Tailoring content and campaigns by lifecycle stage
  • Using smart automation to unlock always-on loyalty and retention
Sara Richter Emarsys
Sara Richter
Chief Marketing Officer
Gareth Hughes Estee Lauder
Gareth Hughes
Technology Director
Taylor Donnell Jebbit
Taylor Donnell
VP, Content & Partner Marketing
Marianne Colding Oxholm Hobbii
Marianne Colding Oxholm
Head of CRM & Retail Marketing
DAY 1 | June 7 | 10:30 – 11:00 AM (ET)
It’s Raining Revenue! How Movable Ink Built a Revenue Waterfall for Brandsdal
Brandsdal, a leading Norwegian beauty and cosmetics e-commerce brand, found themselves toe-to-toe with a common e-commerce marketing challenge. How do you perfect the art of creating a highly personalized customer experience that goes beyond merely recommending products based off recent web browsing behavior?

Enter Movable Ink. By using Movable Ink for Email + Stories, Brandsdal built a ‘super waterfall’ campaign that drove 147 Conversions with an AOV of $60, resulting in $8k in revenue.

Tune in to hear Brandsdal’s Lee Jones-Abrahamsen and Amalie Nilsen alongside Movable Ink’s Client Experience Manager, Maria Ferreira discuss how Brandsdal created a highly personalized experience by displaying relevant content to all their customer segments.
Lee Jones Abrahamsen Brandsdal
Lee Jones-Abrahamsen
Maria Ferreira Movableink
Maria Ferreira
Client Experience Manager
Amalia Nilsen Brandsdal
Amalie Nilsen
Digital Marketer
DAY 1 | June 7 | 11:00 – 11:30 AM (ET)
Mastering the Art of Conversational Commerce: Spoonflower’s Secret to 22x ROI
Discover how Spoonflower, custom fabric and wallpaper brand, leverages SMS to boost customer spending. Tune in to hear Spoonflower’s Director of Email Marketing, Suz Pozzo, as she shares her experience working with Attentive Concierge during a busy holiday season. She’s joined by Attentive’s Yahirí Rodriguez and Jess Wells to chat about:
  • Creating 1:1 connections with customers through SMS
  • Turning first-time visitors into loyal customers
  • Utilizing conversational commerce to increase average order value
Suz Pozzo Spoonflower (1)
Suz Pozzo
Director of Email Marketing
Yahiri Rodriguez Attentive (1)
Yahirí Rodriguez
Senior Client Strategy Manager
Jess Wells Attentive
Jess Wells
Client Strategy Manager, Concierge

DAY 2 – June 8
The SCIENCE of Marketing

Tech & Data Consolidation

DAY 2 | June 8 | 09:05 – 09:30 AM (ET)
Ochsner Sport’s Personalization Journey: Bridging Creativity and Conversion
As Switzerland’s largest sporting goods retailer, Ochsner Sports has felt the pressure in recent years to up their personalization game. They achieved this by doing two important things – building a cross-functional personalization program and using data-driven insights to unlock true customer centricity. In this lively session, Ochsner Sport’s Team Lead for Online Shop Management, Jan Cahlik is joined by Dynamic Yield’s Director of Product Marketing, Emma Furlong to discuss:
  • How Ochsner Sport is finding innovative ways to bridge the gap between traditional marketing and e-commerce
  • The mindset change they have driven internally to enable cross-functional collaboration
  • Three actionable insights from their personalization program that yielded the most impact
Jan Cahlik Ochsner Sport
Jan Cahlik
Online Shop Management
Emma Furlong Dynamic Yield
Emma Furlong
Director of Product Marketing
DAY 2 | June 8 | 09:30 – 10:00 AM (ET)
The New Change Agents: How Top IT and Marketing Teams Drive CX Innovation
According to IDG, 53% of CIOs expect to increase their involvement in CX in the future. Given the critical role that tech plays in digital marketing, it’s no surprise that forward-thinking businesses are looking for ways to blend the Art of marketing with the Science of IT to drive CX innovation.
In this session, Retail Touchpoint’s VP of content, Alicia Esposito will moderate a panel of digital leaders from global brands to discuss a range of topics, including how to:
  • Bring your customer centric vision to life
  • Become a strategic partner that drives efficiency
  • Use actionable data to unlock revenue-driving personalization initiatives
  • Build a CX-optimized tech stack
Alicia Esposito Retail Touchpoints
Alicia Esposito
VP of Content
Christian Serrano Tekmovil
Cristian Serrano
eCommerce & Omnichannel Regional Director
Linh Calhoun Replacements
Linh Calhoun
Chief Marketing Officer 
Jens Hård Accenture
Jens Hård
Associate Director, Marketing & Retail Lead
Aaron Bradley Wella
Aaron Bradley
Vice President, Technology & GTM Innovation
DAY 2 | June 8 | 10:00 – 10:30 AM (ET)
How BrandAlley Leveraged Advocacy Data to Supercharge Their Growth
The cost of acquisition vs retention is a conversation that’s become particularly relevant in the face of tightening marketing budgets and smaller teams. Savvy marketers are turning increasingly to advocacy data as a way of both lowering acquisition costs through referral programs and a means of identifying and rewarding VIP customers. In this session, Mention Me’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, Kat Wray, joins BrandAlley’s Head of Marketing, Michelle Hurney to discuss:
  • How advocacy data and Extended Customer Revenue are changing the way brands view VIP customers
  • Setting up specific referral campaigns
  • Using advocacy data in paid search and social efforts
Michelle Hurney Brandalley
Michelle Hurney
Head of Marketing
Kat Wray Mentionme
Kat Wray
Director of Strategic Partnerships
DAY 2 | June 8 | 10:30 – 11:00 AM (ET)
The Science of Building Stronger Customer Relationships Through Conversations

The way customers engage with brands is changing fast. The days of call centre hold music and raising customer service help tickets are being replaced by instant communication via social channels and messenger apps.

In this fast-paced, always-on digital world, brands continue to look for more “out-of-the-box” solutions to get closer to their customers, build trust and interact on a personal level.

In this session, Sinch’s VP of International Marketing, Anna Jäger, and Senior Account Manager, Susan Stjernberger uncover 5 key trends shaping retail communication. Hear how global brands Zadig & Voltaire, Cdiscount and Intermarché:

  • Interact with their customers and increase conversion rates by leveraging the power of messaging solutions
  • Use immersive and interactive brand experiences to increase customer engagement
  • Blend digital channels with in-store experiences to create seamless customer experiences
Anna Jäger Sinch
Anna Jäger
VP, International Marketing
Susan Stjernberger Sinch
Susan Stjernberger
Senior Account Manager & New Sales
DAY 2 | June 8 | 11:00 – 11:30 AM (ET)
Grow Your Business with a Customer Centric Data Strategy
In this session, SAP’s Head of Global Product Marketing and Solutions, Chris O’Hara, will share how to effectively put customers at the heart of your data strategy and facilitate experiences that drive lifetime value. You’ll see how an enterprise-wide customer data foundation bridges organizational silos, enables real-time customer insights where decisions are made, and fuels personalized experiences that show that you truly know your customer.
Chris O'Hara - SAP
Chris O’Hara
Head of Global Product Marketing and Solutions
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Omnichannel Masterclass

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