We are proud and excited to announce that Bear Grylls OBE will be our keynote speaker at Retail Renaissance!

You may know him from one of his many hit shows such as:

  • Discovery Channel’s Emmy Award-nominated Man vs. Wild 
  • Celebrity-featured Running Wild with Bear Grylls 
  • Netflix’s Emmy Award-nominated You vs. Wild
  • National Geographic’s Emmy Award-nominated Hostile Planet 
  • Channel 4’s The Island with Bear Grylls that won Bear two BAFTAS

In his presentation, Bear will discuss and share stories on the four things that have shaped him – faith, fire, failures, and fear. 

No matter the challenge faced, Bear recognizes there is a way through it. As a survivor of a parachuting accident that broke his back in three places, he understands the value of perseverance and how facing one’s fear can make that anxiety or worry disappear.   

These same lessons translate to your brand and provide a path to overcome challenges, adversity, and accelerate your company in a successful post-pandemic world through creative endeavors and a mindset shift.

Bear is not just one of the most recognized faces in survival and outdoor adventure. His past includes:

  • Martial arts training from a young age
  • A soldier in the British Special Forces, SAS
  • One of the youngest climbers to reach Mount Everest’s summit

If you’re ready to break out of your comfort zone, move past your current situation, and overcome whatever is holding your company back, be sure to watch Bear’s keynote presentation at Retail Renaissance on Sept 17, 2020. 

And join us for 40+ amazing Retail Renaissance sessions from global retailers and tech pioneers that show your company how to:

  • Form lifelong relationships with customers and increase your CLV
  • Use customer data to drive revenue growth
  • Drive repeat purchases and improve your AOV
  • …And so much more
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