Fall is here at last, and we’re getting into the spirit with our upcoming Pumpkin Spice Autumn Release for the Emarsys platform. You’ll swear marketing automation never tasted so good. 

Kidding, just kidding! I know the grocery stores and coffee shops are already flooded with pumpkin-spiced everything, so we won’t do that to you with this release. (Maybe next year….)

Instead, we’re bringing you more channels to personalize customer experiences, new self-service tools for onboarding channels, and much more. This Autumn Release is all about helping marketers be more agile, flexible, and prepared for whatever this season and the next will bring. 

One of the first things you’ll notice in the Emarsys Autumn Release 2021 is that we have a new look and feel. Because Emarsys is now part of the SAP family, we’ve made updates so that we better match the rest of the SAP suite. But don’t worry — our talented designers worked hard to ensure that the user experience would remain the same while they enhanced the UX with new  colors and iconography. 

Read on for an early preview of what’s coming and be sure to sign up for the Autumn Release webinar to get the full scoop on how we’re ensuring marketers are ready for anything. 

Marketing was never easy to begin with, but it’s become increasingly challenging as consumers become more critical about brand experiences. Even the consumers know and freely admit they’ve become more demanding — 58% of retail customers say that their expectations for how preferred brands interact with them have risen in the past year. Furthermore, 75% of online shoppers prefer personalized experiences. This means savvy marketers need to meet expectations by delivering timely, 1:1 interactions that are relevant to an individual’s interests.

But that’s just the beginning when it comes to the roadblocks marketers face. The fact is, most marketers are still dealing with reduced budgets and simultaneously performing more work in-house than in prior years, according to the Retail Roadblocks report. 

With the upcoming Autumn Release 2021, we’re making it easier for marketers to prepare for the year’s big shopping season and beyond. 

Sneak Preview: Features Coming Soon

Here’s your sneak preview of what to expect in the latest update to the Emarsys platform.

More Channels

Consumers are using more channels, so marketers need to keep up and reach them on the most popular and relevant channels. To that end, we’re introducing support for web push and multimedia messaging service (MMS) for all existing and new customers, as well as the global release of geofencing. (MMS is a bit like SMS but with more emphasis on media, usually pictures but also audio, video, files, and more.)

We’re also making mobile easier with Huawei mobile services integration as well as Flutter support. 

The Emarsys Autumn Release includes more channels such as web push, MMS, and now-global geofencing.

Asset Separation 

Large enterprises often create unique assets to use across many countries or regions. They may also have multiple brands to manage. However, they still want to avoid the headaches that come from data silos. That’s why it’s important for such large businesses to use a unified platform that provides centralized marketing and visibility. 

With the new asset separation for automation campaigns, marketers will have greater visibility and flexibility to manage and filter data, such as brands, countries, B2B, B2C, and so on. The following image shows an example of asset tagging:

The Emarsys Autumn release includes new asset tagging functionality to make asset separation easier and more intuitive for enterprises.

Simplified Email Templates

Having the flexibility to build campaigns from scratch is great when you’re working on something new and creative, but for repeatable processes, nothing beats a great template. Build campaign templates that are tailor-made for your brand once and then use them over and over again to save time and energy. 


Marketers will have new options for driving loyalty, including social media sharing on referral web pages. We’re also adding new loyalty events (ways for customers to earn points) for greater flexibility in the way you interact with customers.


The release will include various reporting updates such as web push analytics, advanced in-app reporting, store reporting, and more. 

Final Thoughts: Autumn Release Is Plenty Spicy (Even without Pumpkin Spice)

Marketers need more time in the day, and they need to be able to spend their time on more than just wrangling tech. That’s why we’re continuously innovating to empower our 33,000+ marketing users so that they can be more agile, accelerate time to value, and increase their impact on revenue. 

So pick up a cup of mulled cider, a pumpkin spice latte, or whatever floats your boat and get ready for the launch of the Autumn Release! 

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