A few months ago, Emarsys participated in Spaces, a local showcase of the innovative ways in which Indiana businesses merge functionality, design, and branding in their offices to express company culture. In our submission to participate we highlighted our lounge and kitchen area, which act as our social hub.

Dip Day, the Best Day

Every couple of months or so, our social hub truly comes to life for an event we like to refer to as ‘Dip Day’. Dip Day was the brilliant idea of one our team members, and it has really stirred up a lot of excitement. In its simplest form, Dip Day is a celebration of dips. And who doesn’t love dips?!


Veggie dips, fruit dips, dessert dips, salsa, hummus, seven layer dip…the options are endless! And with so many types of dips, you need a variety of dippers: tortilla chips, veggie sticks, fruit slices, pita bread, crackers… the possibilities almost seem endless!

Enjoying the Company

As is the case in many offices, a lot of people try to eat lunch at their desk to get that one extra project finished. Others may eat out to have a chance to clear their heads. Thus, it’s a rare day in which all seats in the break area are occupied. Dip Day gives us a chance to get together and catch up, and that’s what it’s really all about…our team.

Dip Day preparation starts about a week in advance, with the usual question: “When is our next Dip Day?”. And so it begins. The brainstorming, the sign-up sheet, recipe sharing, until we finally get the chance to come together and eat! Inevitably, some folks may spend the remaining afternoon feeling a bit like they just finished Thanksgiving dinner, but the comradery more than makes up for the sluggishness!

Bring Your Best Dip

Dip Day is just one of the ways our team likes to come together for celebration and bonding, but it’s arguably the most attended and enjoyed. If you’re interested in joining us for our next Dip Day and bringing your best dish to the table, go ahead and apply for one of the open positions in our Indianapolis office for a chance to join our family!

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