Hosting Emarsys LIVE in London was a great experience. We had more than 100 delightful guests and great speakers who shared their insights, debated the best strategies to supercharge their marketing strategies, and discussed how to create the most engaging messages possible for customers.

Peter Fisk

Peter FiskPeter Fisk, the acclaimed international speaker and marketing expert, shared his inspirational, provocative, and practical view on innovative marketing and game-changing strategies for boosting sales and delivering business outcomes.

If you missed our event, but you would like to learn how to supercharge your online marketing, you can download Peter’s presentation.

Alex Timlin

Alex Timlin

Alex Timlin, our VP of Client Success, helped us to better understand how the advertising market has changed and its likely evolution in the near future.

If you want to learn how to use data and analytics to better understand today’s customers, you can access Alex’s slides, here.

Martin Shaw

Martin Shaw

Attendees also had the opportunity to discover the latest figures released by Internet Retailing’s Europe TOP500 Retailers.

Thanks to Martin Shaw, Head of Research at Internet Retailing, we learned valuable information from the largest retailers in Europe, how they got into the TOP500, and how they stay ahead of the competition.

If you would like to find out more about the most competitive retail markets in Europe, or customers’ shopping habits across the continent, feel free to download Martin’s presentation.

Up Next

Emarsys LIVE will next be in Berlin on 6th October, where we’ll be Conquering the Digital Revolution.

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