The madness of March is upon us! In honor of all the events, basketball matchups, and marketing priorities underway, we’re renaming the season Marketing Madness because it’s kind of insane when you think of how many different channels through which the modern marketer can interact with customers.

The part that can be so maddening for marketers is that while we want to serve our current and potential customers with personal, relevant and valuable experiences, we don’t always have control over every interaction. Instead, the consumers decide how, where, and when they want to shop. This can make it feel impossible to deliver to each individual’s needs. With so many touch points across a range of channels, how can a marketer fully understand each customer on a personal level? 

Don’t Go Mad 

At Emarsys, we capture customer data automatically across all channels and from every possible customer interaction with the brand, including CRM data, ecommerce activity, social media engagements, mobile behaviors, and even offline in-store purchases. All that information gets pulled into a single database, where every customer’s interactions are pulled together based on his unique digital ID – his email address – to create his unified profile. The unified customer profile is fundamental to our scoring and analytics, and helps the marketer create highly personalized and relevant content for the individual customer.

This message really resonated with the marketers we met last week at the Shoptalk conference in Las Vegas. If you haven’t yet experienced Shoptalk, it is a new retail/ecommerce event that focuses on the rapid evolution of how consumers discover, shop, and buy, covering everything from new technologies and business models to changes in consumer preferences and expectations. It’s a great conference for marketers in the retail and ecommerce space.

Emarsys Has the Cure

March may be coming to a close, but we will continue to provide a solution to the Marketing Madness on into April and beyond. Emarsys, as a Platinum Partner Sponsor, will attend and speak at Magento Imagine! We look forward to sharing how we leverage Magento data to empower marketers to step out of their current day-to-day roles to do more than they ever could before.

Following Magento Imagine, our CMO, Allen Nance, will speak at the Email Innovations Summit. Then we will be traveling to San Francisco for Emarsys Evolution. If you’re in the area and want to connect with fellow marketers and learn from thought leaders, register here!

To check out more of our events, please visit our global events page. We hope to meet you soon!

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