The massive rise in smart phone usage has led the majority of online marketers to look at ways to ensure their messages are seen and interacted with on mobile devices and not just traditional PC’s. 

When it comes to email, this often raises the usual issue of rendering- how to get great HTML creative to simply look right on a mobile device? There is no exact science as yet to ensure that messages do look the part, but there are some clever techniques that marketers can adopt to improve their offering. One such way is to include a pre-header in your creative.

Usually when opening an email on a mobile the first thing you see is the Online Version link

• where you click to see an online version of the email if you cannot see the images correctly. A pre-header is a clear piece of text to tell the recipient about the content in the email

• or summary of a promotional offer, or the reason they are receiving the email. Basically this header should be used to detail something to do with the email campaign and not just include a link that is made useless when opening the email on a mobile device.

Play around with pre-headers in your creative and email campaigns and you will see an uplift in open and click rates.

For further information on setting up and using pre-headers, please contact your Account Manager.