Revolution. When you hear this word you might think “overthrow or repudiate” and the “thorough replacement of the establishment”; or perhaps you prefer “a sudden, complete, or marked change in something.”

However you view a revolution, it’s clear that marketing is in the midst of one. Consumer shopping habits have changed. They want a more 1-to-1, personalized experience than ever before. And it’s no longer just a nice-to-have, but a must-have for brands to succeed in today’s market.

So for brands, what does this mean? It means the way we market to the consumer must change. We must put consumers first and market from their point of view.

That’s why we developed Emarsys Revolution. We know marketing must change, we have to revolutionize it. This 3-day event is all focused on the future of marketing. Keynotes from industry leaders, interactive live sessions, and hands-on training labs will push attendees to rethink their marketing strategies.

We dive into shifting consumer habits and expectations and how brands can use AI, personalization, and omnichannel strategies to push boundaries and provide unforgettable customer experiences.

Read on to learn more about highlights from Revolution 2017 and 2018, reasons why you’ll want to attend Emarsys Revolution, and some tips and tricks (including a free downloadable letter) for convincing your boss to send you to Revolution London March 9-11.

Highlights from Past Revolution 2017

Hosted in Berlin, Revolution 2017 focused on the growing need for 1-to-1 communication and AI’s role in helping marketers scale and personalize their marketing.

The Promise of Marketing

Ohad Hecht | CEO, Emarsys | @OhadHecht

In the opening keynote, Emarsys CEO Ohad Hecht touched on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how marketers must put their customers’ wants and needs first to be successful. Watch Ohad’s full presentation here.

“Put yourself in the shoes of the consumers — we are consumers first, and marketers second. Are you really being understood… are your experiences truly being personalized? Is your communication with the brands all about them or all about you?”

Are We Ready for AI Marketing?

Rusty Warner • Principal Analyst, Forrester • @RustyWarner

Rusty Warner, Principal Analyst at Forrester, focused on AI marketing and how it can close the gap between customer expectations and marketing capabilities. Watch Rusty’s full presentation here.

“Every company’s strategy should be to become customer-obsessed… and every decision you make needs to be made on insights based on analyzing data about those customers. If you get that right, you become connected across every customer touchpoint and you become much more agile and quick in the way you execute or the way you adapt to changes in the market.”

The Runtastic Story

Stephanie Peterson • CMO, Runtastic • LinkedIn • @Runtastic

Stephanie Peterson, CMO at Runtastic, gave attendees an inside look at how the Runtastic brand uses personalization and marketing automation to create engaging experiences for its app users. Watch Stephanie’s full presentation here.

“The question is ‘how are we going to differentiate ourselves?’ The answer is…meaningful, targeted content that comes back to this idea of personalization.”

Highlights from Revolution 2018

Hosted in London, Revolution 2018 focused on driving more customer-focused marketing through personalized marketing and an exciting announcement about the evolution of the Emarsys product.

How Marketers Can Thrive in a Consumer-Driven World

Raj Balasundaram • SVP of AI, Emarsys • LinkedIn • @RBalasundaram

Raj explains the product vision for Emarsys and how it will help marketers reach consumers and create truly personalized experiences in a consumer-driven world. Watch Raj’s full presentation here.

“Consumers demand personalization. For marketers to execute personalization in their campaigns, they’re dealing with HTML, scripts, queries, and on and on and on. The thing is, that’s not even personalization. It’s not even marketing. That is a degree in IT.”

Customer-Centricity for Retail Survival

Rob FeldmannCEO, BrandAlleyLinkedIn • @BrandAlleyUK

In his presentation at Emarsys Revolution 2018, Rob Feldmann, CEO at BrandAlley, discussed the brand’s customer-centric journey – from web navigation and content display throughout, to customer care and product quality, all touchpoints reflect the brand values. Watch Rob’s full presentation here.

“A customer-centric company is more than just a retailer of goods. We are in the business of making people happy and a customer centric business offers the end consumer a holistic brand experience.”

Becoming More Customer-Centric

Jens PytlichDigital Marketing Manager, Salling Group • LinkedIn • @SallingDenmark

At Emarsys Revolution London, Jens Pytlich, Salling Group’s Digital Marketing Manager, discussed how his team led a digital transformation — identifying the right people and the right technology for the job — that allowed them to use their data to be more customer-centric and deliver truly personalized experiences for every customer. Watch Jens full presentation here.

“We wanted the right product, at the right price, at the right time, on the right channel, for every single customer. That’s the problem we were trying to solve with the execution platform.”

These are just a few of the presentations that forced marketers to rethink strategies and put the focus back on the customer.

Why Attend Emarsys Revolution?

Wondering what makes Revolution different from other marketing conferences? Here are a few reasons you’ll want to join us for Emarsys Revolution in London this October.

You’ll walk away with a new perspective on marketing

Our interactive live sessions and hands-on training labs are designed to push marketers to rethink the way you are marketing to your prospects and customers. Consumer shopping habits and expectations have changed. They now demand truly personalized, exceptional experiences. So why are brands still sending stale, one-size-fits-all marketing campaigns?

Our conference is all about the future of marketing, and we’ll dive into shifting consumer habits and expectations and how marketers can use AI, personalization, and omnichannel strategies to push boundaries and provide an unforgettable customer experience.

Connect with peers from around the world

As a global brand, we have connections from all over the world. Revolution gives us a chance to invite them all to converge in one location for an action-packed event. With plenty of opportunities for networking, you’ll get the chance to meet marketers from all walks of life and connect with them about their day-to-day strategies. You’ll talk shop, learn a few things from each other, and in some cases, make connections that last a lifetime!

You won’t find a more affordable conference

It’s no secret that attending a conference can be rather expensive. Luckily, Emarsys Revolution is one of the most affordable conferences on the market. With 3 days full of live sessions, networking events, and hands-on labs, you won’t find a more affordable conference that packs as much punch. Our event features over 10 keynotes from notable speakers, 45 interactive sessions and hands-on labs, and 4 learning tracks – making it a great fit for the marketer or business leader alike at a price you won’t find anywhere else.

Hear from world-class brands

We pride ourselves in having world-class brands from around the globe as customers, partners, and friends. We’ve learned so much from working jointly with them over the years, and we want to share our knowledge with you. That’s why we’ve tapped some of the best and brightest minds to come and speak at our event. Hear from industry experts, our top customers, and partners from Google, Facebook, Forrester, Unruly, and more as they discuss AI, data, personalization, omnichannel strategies, and much more. Read more about our awesome speakers here.

You’ll have a lot (and we mean a lot) of fun!

Hosted at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London, you’ll be at the heart of one of the most exciting cities in the world! From the Houses of Parliament to Big Ben, you’ll be just steps away from some of the biggest attractions London has to offer. Not only that, but our conference will be jam-packed with interactive sessions and hands-on training that will be both entertaining and engaging. Each night you’ll have the opportunity to explore London or join us for some fun extracurricular activities!

Win unforgettable prizes

Ready for a little adventure? Soul Flyers is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for Revolution attendees. Guests who attend all 3 days of Revolution (and are present on the last day) will be entered for a chance to win a skydiving prize with Soul Flyers in the Summer of 2019. When (or where) else will you get the chance to fly with World Record holders and Red Bull Affiliated athletes?

How to Convince Your Boss

So, this sounds great, right? But maybe you need a little help justifying the conference and trip to your boss. Check out these tips and tricks that will help you convince your boss to send you to Revolution.

Align the conference with business goals

Attending conferences is about more than fun and networking. Conferences give you the opportunity to turn off your day-to-day mindset and refocus on strategy. Is your company looking to launch an omnichannel marketing strategy or implement AI-driven tactics? Present your trip as an opportunity to learn about these solutions. With 3 days full of interactive sessions and hands-on labs, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn and connect with others about the strategies you’re trying to implement.

Plan ahead for missed work

Sure, conferences take you away from your day-to-day activities, but the vast learning opportunities are definitely worth it. But what if your boss needs a little more convincing? When presenting the conference, be sure to have a plan worked out for how your responsibilities and projects will be managed during the time of the conference. Working ahead and promising to check in during the conference are ways to show your boss you’re committed to the company as much as you are to your own personal development.

Focus on the strategic benefits of the conference

Have you ever been on a run or in the shower and come up with a game-changing idea? Some of the best ideas come when we turn our focus to something other than the day-to-day activities of our job. That’s what it’s like going to a conference like Emarsys Revolution. You’ll get away from your day-to-day activities and be able to open your mind to new possibilities and strategies for your team. You’ll also hear from leading industry experts and like-minded marketers for a full 3 days of knowledge sharing and learning. Talk with your boss about how you’ll be able to take a step back and bring fresh perspectives back to your team after attending.

Network with a purpose

At Emarsys Revolution, you’ll hear from leading industry experts, global brands, and other marketers just like you. With a focus on topics like AI, machine learning, omnichannel marketing, and personalization, you’ll have plenty of topics to discuss during the many networking opportunities. Not only can you further discuss session topics, but you’ll have the chance to connect with other like brands and learn what is and isn’t working for them. Talk with your boss and make a plan for connecting and networking with brands that can add value to your experience.

Need a little more help? We’ve create a free downloadable letter that you can personalize and send to your manager. The letter will outline why Emarsys Revolution will be beneficial to not only you, but also your company.

Download your Letter

Final Thoughts

In a world where so much is changing with the consumer-retailer relationship, isn’t it time for us to take a stand and deliver on the promise of marketing? Join us for Revolution London 2018 and walk away with actionable insights and tools that will revolutionize your brand’s marketing strategies, teams, and technology.

Don’t miss your chance to attend Emarsys Revolution in London March 9-11, 2020.