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Drizly, a U.S.-based alcohol delivery app/marketplace, serves as an intermediary between 900+ retailers and consumers from around the world. Drizly works by signing up retailers, aggregating inventory, then providing a transparent and highly personable experience for the end consumer.

The CRM team at Drizly has three goals: convert new users, drive repeat use, and build the brand.

At Revolution 2018, Scott Braun, CMO at Drizly, and Erin Azar, Global Product Manager at Emarsys, discussed how Drizly is working to achieve these goals with the Emarsys platform.

Watch Scott and Erin’s full-length, 28-minute presentation:

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Highlights and details

Scott Braun, CMO, Drizly

► (2:23) CRM at Drizly

► (6:35) Measuring effectiveness with RPC (revenue per communication)

► (7:49) Use cases: price drop campaigns, new store notifications, active buyer, driving brand

► (12:38) What’s up next for Drizly? Weather personalization, sports personalization, geo-location

Erin Azar, Global product Manager, Emarsys

► (15:26) Price drop

► (17:03) Relational data segmentation (creating the “who”) and send time optimization (the “when”)

► (19:38) Rich media push messages

► (20:54) Use case: “Make it rain”

► (22:51) Drizly’s rich media push and in-app messages

► (24:03) Emarsys’ 2019 product roadmap as it relates to mobile (in-app messaging, inbox, geo-location)

Drizly keeps their customers in high spirits

Prior to partnering with Emarsys about a year ago, Drizly had sent the same mass email to every customer every Friday. But by partnering with Emarsys, Drizly is now able to focus more on treating each customer as an individual with more personalized messaging. In addition to sending more personalized ad hoc emails on Friday, they’ve started sending segmented emails (3x more effective than ad hoc), triggered emails (6x more effective), and most importantly push messages (24x more effective!).

Push messages have become increasingly important to Drizly’s mobile strategy because a lot of transactions are happening through the app. Knowing there was a need to improve their mobile strategy, Drizly turned to Emarsys. With Emarsys’ mobile technology, Drizly is now able to send rich push messages and in-app notifications — backed by a layer of AI — to further personalize the experience.

What’s on the horizon for the world’s most progressive alcohol delivery service? Weather personalization, sports personalization, and geo-location customization to align messaging when and where customers want to get their drinks.

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