Forrester recently released The Forrester WaveTM: Cross-Channel Campaign Management (Independent Platforms), Q4 2019 and named Emarsys as a leader in 22 of the 40 digital marketing categories, including a strong performance in the category of “Supporting Products and Services.”

Supporting Products and Services has always been a main focus of Emarsys and it’s no wonder Forrester gave Emarsys a 5 out of 5 in the category.


Customer Support

The Emarsys Support team is home to experienced technical specialists who provide 24/7 support in 10 different languages throughout 14 locations around the globe. The team enjoys building lasting relationships with each client and assisting in any way possible.

Emarsys innovates in every area, including support. In fact, Emarsys Support has introduced several changes in the past few months to improve communication with clients and rapidly resolve client challenges that arise.

For example, our technical helpdesk service recently added a chatbot that was designed from the ground up and incorporates artificial intelligence to help clients increase time to value by resolving issues in minutes.

Long email threads no longer clutter up the inboxes of our clients or our support teams. The chat feature resolves the inefficient email threads that go back and forth.

In the first two months since the release, our chat bot handled 66% of the total messages exchanged and received a Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Mario Costa, Head of Technical Client Services at Emarsys said, “Most of the questions from clients are already in the documentation they receive during onboarding. So, we built a bot to provide signposting to the relevant parts of this documentation. However, the business wanted a virtual agent, not a search engine, so we also made sure the bot was intelligent enough to recognize issues that were more urgent and in this way blended automation with human interaction.”


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Onboarding and Implementation

Emarsys works smoothly to onboard clients as fast as possible so they can quickly generate a return on their investment. Since data is at the heart of everything we do, customer development teams craft tailored implementation packages. Everything from connecting existing product and sales data, contacts, integrating with other tools, and setting up daily synchronizations, are just some aspects of implementation.

Every project includes clear expectations, timelines, and requirements, so clients can focus on content, strategy, and creative before they complete onboarding.

Strategic Services

The Strategic Services team partners with clients to make them more successful. This team of experts will meet on site with clients to obtain a deeper understanding for the company goals, operations, marketing, and much more. They meet with everyone from the c-level suite all the way down to those who will create and implement campaigns inside the Emarsys platform.

At the end of this consultation, the Strategic Services team hands over a two-year business plan that includes a revenue model, required campaigns, automations to set up, types of content to include, and even a schedule for internal and external teams.

Transparency is key in this process. Handing over boilerplate templates to clients for campaign creation does nothing to understand a company’s objectives, goals, and vision for the future. The Strategic Services team is a true partner that exists to make certain our clients are onboarded and have the ability to generate the predicted revenue models.

Final Thoughts

The very heart of Emarsys is the client. We exist to empower clients, support them, and learn about their business to assist in every way possible to help them achieve success.

There is a reason clients invest in us, especially after going through a competitor’s support process. Clients understand we truly care about them. They’re not a number… they’re a valued partner, and we want nothing more than to see their business grow.

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